Cell Cycle and Cytogenetics

The cell differentiation or cell cycle is the sequence of events that take place in a cell leading to its duplication and division of its DNA (DNA replication) to produce two daughter cells. It plays an important part in the growth of embryos, and for the development and growth of our bodies as well. Mitosis produces new cells, and replaces cells that are old, damaged or lost and in mitosis a cell divides to form two identical daughter cells. Cytogenetics is a branch of gene technology that is concerned with how the chromosomes relate to cell behaviour, particularly to their behaviour during meiosis and mitosis. Quinacrine banding was the first marking method used to produce specific banding patterns. This method requires a fluorescence microscope and is no anymore as widely used as Giemsa banding .The Causes of cell sorting is cancer by accelerating cell division rates or prevent normal controls on the system, such as cell cycle programmed cell death or arrest.



  • Intermitosis and Quiescence
  • Regulation of Eukaryotic Cell cycle
  • Molecular Cytogenetics
  • DNA replication and Origin Activity
  • Inhibitors and Transcriptional Regulatory network
  • Future of Cytogenetics and Techniques
  • Human Abnormalities and Medical Applications

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